Friday, March 23, 2012

Scaled Map and Historical monuments around boat quay

The Triangle mark marks the area of the historical monument.

The shophouses along the Singapore river :

Long long time ago, about when our grandparents where children, the Singapore river was filled with boats. Not those tour boats we have now but those boats for cargo. It is an important place for trade and it isn’t the scenic place it is now. There were no clubs there, no huge towering banks or bustling restaurants back then.

Sir Stamford raffles monument :

The landing site of Sir Stamford Raffles is now mark with the prominent man in white. A statue in white to be exact. It now stands opposite the Victorian hall and is a popular tourist attraction.

Old Parliament house : 

The Old Parliament House at Empress Place sits on the area that the Singapore Parliament used to be. Built to be a residence in 1827, it is the oldest building still standing and the oldest government building in Singapore. Unfortunately, due to alteration and others, not much remains of the original building. The house was design by G. D. Coleman as the home for a merchant from Scotland but in the end it was never used by the merchant. In the end it served as a courthouse after it has additions added to it.
  This was not the end of this building’s journey. Soon, it was bought over by the East India Company for a total of 15,600 spanish dollars. It was enlarged to house Recorder, Jurors and prisoners.
  Finally, the building was consider unsuitable for a Court of Justice. Most of it was due to the noise from nearby boatyards and blacksmith shops. It served as a storehouse for the government and as the new office of the Department of Social Welfare. After that is because semi-derelict. Renovations was made and it restore the building for use by the Legislative Assembly.
  In 1959, it became the Parliament House when the PAP rise into ruling power, until 1999 which it was close down. In the end, on 26 March 2004, it was converted into The Arts House, a popular venue for the performing and visual arts. The 15 million dollars saw that the building was converted into entertainment space and even a 75-seat film theatrette. For its unique transformation, it was prize in the Urban Redevelopment Authority’s Architectural Heritage Awards 2004.

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