Group Experience

We had a lot of fun while working on this project. Double the fun, because we were walking together with a second group, which helped us to communicate with each other and share more knowledge. This was because they were covering a different area (gallery) of the Asian Civilisations Museum. They were kind enough to help us take our group photos as well! We got to tour the whole stretch of the Singapore River and although it was very tiring, it was definitely worth it!  There were a lot of things that we realized that we hadn't seen before even after living here for so long. However, we did face many challenges along the way. We got lost several times while walking along the Singapore River because we hadn't planned our route properly due to lack of time. When we visited the Asian Civilisations Museum, we also had lost our way inside it because we weren't too familiar with the museum. This resulted in us wasting a lot of time. Even so, we got some help from the friendly staff working there and managed to find the gallery that we were focusing on eventually. At the end of the day, we managed to learn a lot about Singapore that we hadn't known before, all from one short and fun trip! :)

 A picture of us just before starting on work :)
Another picture just infront of the Asian Civilisations Museum :P